She Hands Her A Cell Phone To Talk To Daddy. What She’s Captured Saying To Him? UNBELIEVABLE!



What the girl in this video lacks in English language skills, she makes up for in confidence. But in all seriousness, few things are as cute as a baby learning to speak.

We melt when babies say, “goo-goo gah-gah.” Don’t you?

In the video below, the baby girl holds the phone to her ear and starts “babbling” to her daddy. Mom films the adorable interaction and smartly shared it with the world on YouTube. It’s since gotten millions of views.

Research has shown that the more you speak to your baby, the more they will speak back to you. Even if they’re just babbling, which usually starts around 1-year-old but can begin as early as 4-7 months, they’re getting closer to actually speaking.

Many parents read to their child to help them learn the language. But this couple decided they’d teach their baby girl to speak while daddy was away from home by handing her the phone.

At just 16-months old, baby Emilia in this video, is very confident in her babbling ability. She loves “talking” to her daddy on the phone. She clutches the device to her ear and paces around the room as the has a “serious” conversation with her father.

If only we knew what she was saying…

Do you have a good memory of your child first leaning to speak?

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