She Lost Her Father To Cancer Years Ago, But Now She Is Doing THIS To Remember Him. AMAZING!



Losing someone is tough – losing a parent is a whole different story. Everyone deals with loss in different ways, none more creative than blogger Jinna Yang.

After her father passed away from cancer three years ago, she was struck with grief. Instead of wallowing in her apartment, she decided the best way to deal with her loss was to travel the world. A year into her travels, she celebrated Father’s Day in an unusual but touching way.


She thought of a special way to remember her dad throughout her travels so she decided to bring along a cardboard cutout of the man along with her.

“It’s been an entire year since I left everything behind, and so much has changed,” she wrote in her latest post. She made a special video for her father, giving a shout out to all the great dads across the world.

“For this Father’s Day, I wanted to thank my dad for saving my life with this tribute video. I hope that this will inspire you to hug your dad and family,” Yang says to viewers.

dad2 dad1

She was struggling with the loss of her father for a long time, even developing bald spots due to stress. That was the moment that she decided to book a way one ticket around the world and left everything behind. Everything except the cardboard cutout of her dad.

“His story inspired millions of people around the world – and gave me the strength to leave everything behind and follow my dreams.”


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