She Thought Animal Was Going To Be Friendly, Ends Up Leaving Everyone Around Her In Stitches

Updated November 12, 2017

Have you ever had a close encounter with an animal that left you a bit miffed or shaken? In the video below, you’ll get a good look at tourists who got a bit too close to wild animals for comfort. Because these animals are not domesticated, it should come as no surprise that an encounter with them would be loaded with drama – and as you’ll find in the photos this is the case.

Because this video was snapped at the perfect moment, we see the look of surprise and sometimes terror on these tourists’ faces. While we know we shouldn’t laugh, we just can’t help it.

Watch the video below and see how these tourists got the surprise of their trip from the unlikeliest of animals.

When one guy in a Nike sweatshirt was walking through a public bathroom, a small yet bold yellowish green bird decided to demonstrated its defensive measures – by trying to snatch the man’s nose right off his face.

As you can guess, the young man does not react with love at the bird’s unwanted advances. Instead, he lunges back, terrified, closes his eyes and screams as the bird flaps its wings and swoops in.

Petting zoos can be a lot of fun for children and their parents. But when something goes wrong – like it did for this young woman – she’ll probably be scarred for life. The cow, however, was just getting a bite of human for once – talk about a turn of fate. The young bovine chomped down on the woman’s hand much to her terror and suffering. The cow, meanwhile, enjoyed the delicious hand-burger.

The snorkeler does not notice that a curious seal is examining him from behind. It almost appears like the water mammal is going to chomp down on the top part of the snorkel and make it hard for the man to breathe underwater.

One tourist was left unaware that a Cheetah was peering down from the opening of the Safari truck while driving through East Africa’s Serengeti. Some things are better left unsaid and mentioned only later when the knowledge doesn’t pose any risk.

The other man, however, knew full well that a young cheetah had entered his safari vehicle.

Swans may be beautiful, but they can be aggressive creatures. This young man in a light purple blazer found that out when the bird lunged at him for a bite of his calf.

A baby elephant just wanted to play with his new blonde and scantily clad friend. So, he tackled her to the ground and kept going.

While on safari, this ostrich got too close for comfort. But while it grins at the terrified woman, she screams – all the while holding food pellets in her palms.

Moose can be some of the most dangerous animals to mess with, when you come between a mother and her young. This park ranger knows the risk and runs as fast as he can from the large mammal.

In the video below, watch as a raccoon tries to steal a kayaker’s food!

Have you ever had a scary experience with a wild animal or pet?