She Was Given This Run Down And Broken Airstream. What She Did On The Inside? Stunning! [5 PHOTOS]



“Upcycling” is when old items are reused in a new, productive way. You can take an old can, and make it into a planter, or turn a clothes hanger into a chip clip. But that’s just the beginning!

But few people take it as seriously as Sarah Schneider, a mother of three and passionate upcycler. Her latest creation is sure to inspire you to make something out of nothing yourself.

Sarah has her own blog on upcycling at Her posts center on creative ways to reuse old items – like turning some fabric into a dress for her daughter.

She has undertaken a new project, and this one is massive. She transformed an old “Airstream” trailer into something amazing: a home.

“Making a house a home is my passion,” Sarah wrote in a blog post about the project. “The Airstream is no exception. I want our home on wheels – where we will journey  and see the country to feel like home – to be comfortable, and inspiring. To evoke imagination, adventure creativity.”

When she started her project, the trailer was old and dingy, just plain metal and wood. Sarah’s family helped her to find all the materials she would need for the renovation, and they made sure to find warm, comforting things to fill the trailer with.

You can see the difference for yourself – check out these pictures of the finished product! It’s so impressive how the dingy old trailer has become such a beautiful little place to relax in.








photos courtesy of Love, Sarah Schneider


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