Soldier Dressed as Santa Surprises His Mother with the Greatest Gift of All



This Christmas, a New Jersey mother received the most incredible and unexpected gift- her son.


Her son, a soldier serving a 9-month tour in Afghanistan, wasn’t supposed to return home until March, but the soldier, Travis Ruggiero, pulled off the surprise of a lifetime when he received a last-minute 3-week vacation.


At Ocean Medical Center in Brick Township, N.J., Travis dressed as Santa Claus to visit the patients at the hospital. Travis’ mother, Leslie a nurse in the maternity ward, was present when Santa passed out gifts. When Santa called Leslie’s name, she stood up to receive her gift—a card from her son.


He wrote, “I am so incredible thankful for all the love and support you’ve given me through this entire deployment. I will never forget it, or how blessed I am for having such a caring and wonderful mother.”


But Leslie didn’t know the bearded Santa was, in fact, her son. Travis pulled off his beard and surprised his mother with the greatest gift of all.


The tear-jerking video shows how love, truly is, the real meaning of Christmas.


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“Christmas for me is family so it changes everything for me,” Leslie said through tears.


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