Street Thugs “Knockout” Game is Murder



Street thugs are participating in a terrifying new “game” in which they choose random pedestrians to “knock out.”


“Knockout,” as it’s known among teens, has already caused deaths in New York, Missouri and New Jersey and is spreading rapidly across the country.


Thugs playing Knockout simply choose random people on the street to punch in the face, with hopes that they are knocked unconscious. But how can this be called a game, when it results in murder.


In Hoboken, N.J., Ralph Santiago, 46, was killed after teenage thugs knocked him unconscious. Santiago was found dead with a broken neck and his head lodged between fence posts back in September.


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Surveillance cameras showed Santiago’s murder happened in broad daylight. One of his killers admitted he did it “for the fun of it.”


Police are calling many victims of Knockout simple “assault victims.” Clearly, this is not the case.


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