They Gave Birth To The World’s First Surviving Septuplets. What They Look Like 18 Years Later? WOW!

Updated April 11, 2016


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As you know, time flies as a parent. One day you’re nursing your baby, the next you’re sending them off to kindergarten, and before you know it, they’re moving out going to college or getting a job.

It’s been almost 18 years since Kenny and Bobbie McCaughey shocked the world when they gave birth to the first ever surviving septuplets. Now meet the family that defied the odds.

When doctors realized that mom was pregnant with seven babies, they advised the couple to have a selective reduction because the fertility treatment had worked all too well.

But the pro-life parents knew that God had given them a gift of seven babies and they aimed to do their best to raise the family well.

Because the McCaugheys had faith in God, their seven babies survived and are now about to celebrate their 18th birthday and head out into the world as adults.

The seven children born in Des Moines, Iowa has been a miraculous experience of a lifetime for the parents. And they’re shocked how fast time has flown.

Watch the interview below. It’s so heartwarming to hear how much this family loves each other and how great an experience it has been growing up as a unit.

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