They Kept This WWII Enveloped Sealed For 50 Years. Now They’ve Decided To Finally Open It…



Have you ever been given a task that is so mundane it’s putting you to sleep? Perhaps, you need to go through an old filing cabinet that has seemingly been untouched for decades or you need to do endless data entry work that seems to serve no purpose.

But for one man doing such a task, he comes across an old envelope entitled “War Posters.” The package has been sealed for more than five decades and the envelope’s metal tab had actually rusted shut.

At the 35-second mark in the video you’re about to watch, with effort the man moves the rusted tab for the first time in 50 years.

He carefully lifts the lid of the envelope and slowly tugs the old war posters out of the sleeve.

But they’re stuck!

Instead he tears the edges of the envelope with a kinfe so he can access the historic war items and show them off to the camera.

Watch at the 1:40-mark in the video as he takes the first piece of paper and unfolds it to reveal a war poster from World War II.

The poster discussing how the cost of living in America was affected in World War I versus World War II and how things were better in the 1940s.

“The rise in the wartime cost of living today is less than half the World War I increase,” the war poster reads.

Keep watching this video to see more of the amazing World War II artifacts this man uncovers in this envelope from half a century ago.

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