They Say What You Pick Will Predict Your Personality. Mine Was So Accurate It Was Scary. Your Turn

Updated August 16, 2017

If you’re like me, you love trying different personality tests. Often they’re extremely accurate like when you look at the shape of your fingernails or even the lengths of your fingers. But when you choose one of these sparkling gemstones, it will reveal something very telling… about you and your future. If you’re ready to discover the truth, scroll down and find your match. But be warned – this quiz is scarily accurate.

Find a relaxing spot, take a few breaths, and then choose the stone from the photo below that connects to you. Then read the description

Gem 1: Garnet

Your sharp instincts always guide you and people are easily attracted to your glowing and sensuous aura. Intuitive people are drawn to this rare stone.

Gem 2: Amethyst

With an internal intelligence and quiet passion, you are strong and honorable. While you may be the “rock” in other people’s lives, you need to let your hair down too.

Gem 3: Aquamarine

Glittering with passion, you have a youthful and energetic soul. You are always attracting new and adventurous things so don’t worry about boredom – it’s just temporary.

Gem 4: Diamond

Those that are attracted to the diamond are strong, proud, and determined. You strengthen those around you and shine bright no matter how dark the circumstances are.

Gem 5: Emerald

You are guided in life by fact and figures. For these people, there is only black and white, not grey areas. You are a great problem solvers and can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Gem 6: Pearl

If the pearl was your gemstone of choice, you are a spiritually-motivated person with a humble heart. Pearls often a symbol of wisdom, purity, and integrity.

Gem 7: Ruby

The ruby is for people who are passionate and influential to the people around them. You exude energy and you have untapped strength within you that can help you defeat any obstacle.

Gem 8: Peridot

Those drawn to the peridot are curious and vibrant with an inner joy that helps guide those around you. New opportunities flow into your life because of your attractive energy.

Gem 9: Sapphire

You are the life of the party and love to have fun. You hate to be alone, and need to be around your friends. We hate being serious and we do all we can to have fun in life

Gem 10: Opal

Those drawn to this gem are soft and compassionate souls. Your presence refreshes the people around you but you’re also tough during challenges.

Gem 11: Citrine

You are probably a bubbly spirit with a zest for life’s adventures. Kindness is your normal state and you’re exciting to be around.

Gem 12: Blue Topaz

If you were drawn to this gem, you value quiet, introspective moments and exude a balanced nature. You possess strong communication skills and a soothing energy that many people value.

Did your gem describe your life? Tell us in the comments.

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