Toddler’s Joyous Reaction To Christmas Decorations Is Taking The Internet By Storm (video)

Updated November 14, 2017

Ever wish you could see life through a child’s eyes? This video will make you want to channel a kid’s wonder and bottle it for a lifetime.The setting is a Utah Costco, which in itself doesn’t sound very magical, but this child clearly had a special experience. You see, it’s that time of year: practically as soon as fall begins, the Christmas decorations are out in stores. While shopping at Costco, this baby was more than overwhelmed by the sensory experience going on in the store and he had the absolute best reaction. His mom, Hannah Law, posted the video of her son’s experience as they checked out the holiday decoration section. She tweeted the video with this explanation: “Spreading some Christmas cheer.”

Watch as he seems speechless at first by everything going on, but then gets super giddy over what he’s laying his eyes on. His facial expression includes big eyes and a gaping mouth saying “OHHHH!,” which is the best reaction you can have, honestly. There is seriously so much for his little eyes to focus on, you can see him trying to drink it all in. At one point, when he hears Christmas music, he stops with his eyes super wide, completely speechless.

Moving on from the music, he burbles with excitement over the next holiday display and then the “OHHH!” begins again. The whole scene never gets old for him.

When he spots a Santa, forget about it. Hannah’s son is overjoyed. He even seems like he wants to say something, but with a limited vocabulary at that age, he can only attempt to articulate the joy he’s feeling in a series of incoherent excited noises.

See? Don’t you just want to bottle that up and live on that feeling for the next year?

Hannah’s sweet video got plenty of viral loving, as one Twitter user pointed out that she had spotted it as a retweet in her feed. Hannah responded: “Haha I’m not a big twitter person that’s probably why! This video has to be seen by the world. It’s just so happy.”

One person on Twitter could certainly relate to the little boy’s reaction, writing: “Literally me every time I go to target/hobby lobby/walmart/see anything I can relate to Christmas.”

Others noted: “If this video doesn’t make your entire week, something is wrong with you,” “I saw that! So great!!! Pure joy!,” “loved this video. your boy is simply gorgeous and boosted my spirits. we should all be in awe of Christmas,” and “I don’t think a video has ever made me so happy.”

Another Twitter user noted: “I wish you shopped at the #Costco where I work, would love to see him all the time. So precious.”

Other commenters were certainly won over, with one person noting: “So innocent and precious. Just beautiful,” and another person adding, “So adorable, his facial expressions.”

Another person pointed this out: “How his eyes glowed and became fully-dilated. Cuteness overload! God bless you and your little angel!”