Trump Hands Out Candy To Hundreds Of Kids, One Costume Stands Out Above The Rest

Updated November 11, 2017

Every year at the White House, the Presidents spend some time handing out candy to trick-or-treaters dressed up as a variety of scary, adorable and hilarious characters. Of course, there are always some kids who are dressed as politicians or in costumes that are something that the president likes. You can look at past photos of the White House on Halloween and see former presidents paying particular attention to some kids that really stand out because of this. This Halloween was no different and Trump took special notice of one child.

Trump and Melania were giving out candy and ran into your usual ghosts, goblins, dinosaurs and cartoon characters. The event was captured on video, so you could see their reactions to the kids and their parents.

One boy got Trump’s attention in particular because he was wearing a hat that read, “Make America Great Again.” This was the slogan that Trump used during his 2016 presidential campaign. Naturally, Trump was going to notice that this boy had parents that supported him and that the boy was wearing a hat that Trump himself has worn on a number of occasions.

The boy was dressed as a skeleton and topped off his costume with this hat. Melania and Trump just had to take a photo with the child since he was wearing Trump’s beloved hat. This is a moment he and Melania are sure to remember. Of course, the child will also remember taking a photo with the First Family on Halloween.

Another child stood out to Trump and Melania too. One child was dressed as a fireman. This was a small child, so he was definitely adorable and easy to notice. He was with his mom and he got some candy from Melania. He too is sure to remember this Halloween since he got to get some candy from the most famous house in the nation.

With everything happening in the country, it is nice to see that things could be a bit more normal, even for just an hour or so. Seeing all of the kids in their costumes at the White House was certainly a nice change of pace for Democrats, Republicans and everyone in between. It seems that everyone who was in attendance had a great time and took some excellent photos so that they can remember it.

Halloween is always a great day. It is all about costumes, candy and having some fun. While kids are generally the focus of the day, it is a holiday that people of all ages to enjoy. In fact, it is the perfect day for adults to act like kids again, at least for a few hours, to try and forget the stresses of everyday life.

Hopefully, all Americans had a chance to leave life’s stresses behind for a little while to celebrate the boos and epic bashes that are part of the Halloween tradition. Whether you passed out candy, took kids around your neighborhood or threw an epic party, the most important thing to remember is to have fun and make awesome memories.