VIDEO: A Mother Of 6 Was Fed Up With Doing Laundry So She Did THIS And Now Everyone’s Jealous


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Photo: Houzz TV

Laundry is one of those tedious tasks that nobody really enjoys. But one way to make it a lot easier is to be organized.

This mother of six had spent years doing laundry in a cramped, messy room that left a lot to be desired. She was fed up and decided that the room needed a makeover and the results are amazing!

Everyone knows how much laundry kids can pile up, especially if you have more than a few. Ronda and her husband Les have 6 kids all between the ages of 10 and 20.

The amount of laundry that they piled up was ridiculous, so she started fixing things in the laundry room to make their lives easier.

She added organized baskets for dirty clothes, one for each color. This makes it easier to do individual washes, because mixing darks and lights could ruin your favorite shirt or that awesome pair of socks you just bought!

Ronda must be really crafty, because for only 400 dollars they redid the entire room. They added innovative drying racks for delicates, a fold-down ironing board, and plenty of space for folding and sorting on a faux-marble counter top that is easily removable. It’s basically laundry paradise, if there ever could be such a thing.

They saved a bunch of money by getting materials from her local ReStore location – a great place to get great quality second-hand materials for your DIY projects.

With over two million views, it’s clear that a lot of parents are jealous of Ronda’s awesome new set-up. If you hate doing laundry as much as I do, why not try this yourself?

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