VIDEO: Black College Students Threaten Violence if Not Provided Free Tuition



This is what Obama’s America looks like…


A militant African-American power group at the University of Michigan is threatening violence if their demands aren’t met. Their demands include giving black students free tuition, subsidized student housing, increasing funding for black organizations and adopting a new curriculum that preaches radical anti-white ideas.


If the university doesn’t meet the demands within a week, the Black Student Union will attempt physical action.


“We have heard the phrase ‘we are listening’ since 1970, and I am tired of waiting for a response,” said senior Shayla Scales.


“If negotiations are not complete we will be forced to do more, beginning to increase valiantly our activism for social progress and take physical actions on the University of Michigan’s campus,” Scales continued.


Black Student Union’s demands have been met with harsh criticism from those at the university and across the nation. While the group argues their motives are aimed at making blacks feel more empowered on campus, others see their threats as insensible and overzealous.


Jennifer Gratz, a strong opponent of affirmative action said, “They want special treatment and separate treatment based on their race…That’s something that the civil rights movement has fought against for decades.”


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“I don’t think the university should engage with groups that threaten and put superficial deadlines on activity and ask the university to take unconstitutional action,” Gratz added.



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