VIDEO: Duck Dynasty Star “We Were Forced To Stop Praying To Avoid Offending Muslims”



A Duck Dynasty star recently had an interview where he unveiled some issues he had with editors of the show.


Phil Robertson is the man who started it all on the show and is the head of the family. On the show Phil likes to be himself which includes his strong faith in Christianity.


However, it seems the shows editors have an issue with his faith. According to Phil and his wife there were some requests the production team made that he simply could not just blindly follow.


One major issue was the show would bleep out words that weren’t curse words. Phil says the show’s editors would try to make it seem like they were cursing to help the ratings. Phil was quick to tell the interviewer that they never curse and he was offended they would add in the fake bleeps.


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The other issue was the editors of the show told Phil that he needs to not say “In Jesus Name” because it might offend the Muslim viewers of the show.


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