VIDEO: He Picks Up This Air Mattress And Blows Into The Opening. What Happens Next? AMAZING!



When it comes to camping, you either love it or your hate it. While out in the wild, some people only see the beautiful night skies and the gorgeous horizons, while others just see the bugs, insects, and dirt…

But one thing remains the same. When you go camping, it’s always best to be comfortable. That’s why camping pads are so popular. Who wants to sleep on a rocky terrain if you don’t have to?

However, blowing them up with your lungs is a total pain. It takes forever. But now, one young man has created a life hack to make this simple act so much easier. See how!

When Ryan Frayne brought his invention to Shark Tank, the millionaire and billionaire investors were all excited about his camping creation. So are we!

Inspired by a family beach trip, Frayne saw his brother struggling to blow up an inflatable toy. His invention changed the way this is done forever.

It’s no wonder world-famous investor Lori Greiner gave him $200,000 for only 5% of his company on the popular TV show.

Now that Frayne has partnered with a Shark, the Windcatcher is sure to become a hugely successful product!

Watch the video to see how he can inflate a camping pad in seconds without ever touching the valve to your mouth.

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