VIDEO: I Thought It Was Strange He Poked His Hot Dog With This Stick. But Now I’ll Never Cook It Any Other Way



here are certain foods that people always associate with America and many of them are foods you would typically see at a barbecue or at a baseball game.

The first one that comes to mind for me is the hot dog. Hot dogs are delicious and simple to make. But, once you see how the chef in this video prepares hot dogs, you’ll never cook them the same way again.

Once I saw this video, I couldn’t believe I didn’t know this incredibly simple yet game-changing method for cooking a hot dog.

In this video, you will learn how to perfectly cook a hot dog every single time using nothing but a skewer and a knife.

Using the skewer and knife, you can cut the hot dog into a spiral shape. But why would you want a spiral-shaped hot dog? There are lots of reasons.

Cutting your hot dog into a spiral shape makes it straight as an arrow, allowing for it to evenly char on all sides. They also fit in a bun perfectly when they are cut into a spiral shape. Possibly the best reason for cutting hot dogs into a spiral shape is that it creates more surface area, so you can enjoy more meaty goodness. Also, the crevices created by the spiral perfectly hold condiments such as relish.

Watch the video for a complete tutorial on how to cook the perfect hot dog:

Do you have any secrets or hacks for grilling or boiling a hot dog? Share it with us in the comments below.