VIDEO: Michelle Obama’s Designer Dress for State Dinner Cost $12,000



Last night, the White House hosted the French President Francois Hollande in a traditional state dinner.


The White House’s South Lawn was transformed into a majestic garden scene inspired by France’s own Claude Monet. The party’s decor and spring-like atmosphere delighted over 350 high-profile guests, but critics are claiming the dinner was excessively extravagant.


Michelle Obama’s dress, alone, is rumored to cost approximately $12,000.


The cost of the dinner, itself, is estimated at over $600,000. While President Obama has held the White House, his state dinners have cost between $200,000 and nearly $600,000 (apparently due to numerous $400 bottles of wine), but last night’s state dinner was the largest one Obama’s ever hosted.


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“In terms of the expense of the dinner, they’re probably cutting down on the price of wine because they were getting criticized,” said Sally Quinn of The Washington Post. Quinn also alluded to the confirmation that Michelle Obama’s designer Caroline Herrera dress was, in fact, $12,000.


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