Video Of Car Appearing Out Of Thin Air To Cause Crash Is Freaking People Out. Can You Explain It?

Updated November 25, 2017

Video footage captured in Singapore shows what appears to be a “ghost car” coming out of thin air to cause a massive car crash. When you watch the clip, you’ll suddenly see the “ghost car” appear out of nowhere to cause the wreck. Viewers around the globe are stunned by the appearance of the unknown vehicle. And the footage has left viewers like you and me baffled. No one seems to be able to offer a good reason why this ghost car came out of the air.

Although many people agree that the ghost car was an apparition designed to cause a car crash, other skeptics think there is a more scientific reason. But Singaporeans have no clue as to what the real answer to the conundrum is. No one can see the vehicle before it crashes into the car.

The footage was captured on dashcam from a nearby vehicle. The person was baffled as they watched the crash unfold. That’s why the took down the footage and uploaded it to the internet for all to see and analyze.

When you press play on the video below, you’ll see a commuter in a white vehicle idling at the intersection. They are preparing to take a right turn. But as they pull out into the intersection, the ghost car suddenly appears and crashes right into them.

The traffic light is even in favor of the real driver.

The white car pulls into the road, when the silver ghost car suddenly appears. Only at the last moment can you see it. It jus zooms right in front of it and causes the crash.

The silver ghost car veers off to the side as the driver tries to maintain control of his supernatural ride.

Everyone who has viewed the clip has expressed confusion. They don’t know where the silver ghost car came from and how it got there so quickly.

Some people have watched the footage on repeat so they can try to decipher the mystery.

One person wrote , “Seriously, I kept repeating the video, it seems the car appears out of nowhere.”

Another person contributed, “This is really weird. Played it a few times and still cannot figure out where the car comes from.”

Some people really believe that it was caused by a ghost car. Other people think that the white car might have just blocked the silver car in the video. Others say that perhaps the silver car was going so fast it wasn’t picked up in the dashcam.

Readers on Mail Online also contributed their remarks. Here were some:

“It pulls out of the opposite junction and turning left into the lane the bus is in, can’t see it because it’s obscured by the road furniture…”

“Science has proven other dimensions, stories of time slips or people showing up from ‘ other dimensions the money famous verified was a man arrived at Tokyo Airport with authentic paperwork from a country unknown to us.”

What do you think happened in this crash?