VIDEO: Oprah Claims She’s Discriminated Against as a ‘Light-Skinned’ Black Woman


Oprah is beginning a new conversation on an issue that apparently “wreaks havoc” on herself, as well as, other minorities. No, the pressing issue is not poverty, alcoholism or domestic abuse—it’s something called “colorism.”


Oprah claims colorism is the “light skin, dark skin prejudice where people of color discriminate against each other within their own race.” In other words, blacks who have lighter skin are discriminated against for not being “black enough.”


The media mogul suggests Caucasians dominated blacks for so long, that even blacks think that being white is more desirable. Oprah thinks if you’re white you have more opportunities and an easier life.


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“It really boils down to the belief that the lighter your skin tone, the prettier you are, the smarter you are,” she said. “And the easier you have it—that’s the perception.”


Oprah’s television network, OWN, produced a documentary last year entitled, “Dark Girls,” which showed the supposed prejudices very dark-skinned women and girls face all over the world. This documentary sparked a conversation that made Oprah millions of dollars.


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