VIDEO REPORT: Grandmother Commits Most Horrific Crime Ever Imagined



Alfreda Giedrojc make have committed the most horrific crime. According to initial reports, the 61-year-old grandmother has been charged with the murder of her young granddaughter.


Police investigators say the father of the child dropped her off at Alfreda’s house so he could go to work. That’s when the unthinkable happened.


As soon as the father left the house, Alfreda took the sleeping baby from the couch and put her on the floor. She then proceeded to take out a sledgehammer and strike the baby.


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When this didn’t kill the child, she went to the kitchen to grab a knife which she used to cut the baby’s throat.


Right now there has been no motive determined and everyone that knew Alfreda can’t understand why she would ever do something like this.


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