VIDEO: See Reactions When Students Are Told What The Obamacare Website Cost to Make



A reporter recently went to the campus of a college to ask students their best guess on how much the Obamacare website cost to make.


Many of the students had guesses in the range of $50,000 – $250,000 and some even said as low as $25 dollars.


The highest guess that day was $1,000,000. But this is not even close to what the actual cost is estimated at so far.


According to official reports, the government has spent $400,000,000 tax dollars to develop the Obamacare websites.


The biggest problem with this is that they websites are broken and don’t even work. So why do we still have to foot this $400 million dollar bill?


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We’re not sure and neither are the students. Almost all of them say if a website doesn’t work you shouldn’t have to pay for it.


Do you think the American people deserve a refund of this wasted $400,000,000 spent?