VIDEO: She Cuts The Sleeves Off An Old T-Shirt And Turns It Into THIS, I Can’t Wait To Make One!



We all have tons of old clothes laying around that we may not use or wear anymore. It seems like I am always in the conundrum of having a ton of old clothes that I no longer wear, but new clothes.

This awesome DIY project and life hack will teach you how to repurpose an old t-shirt into something you can use, a fashionable shoulder bag. Plus, this will save you from buying another handbag.

With just a few simple cuts, ties, and twists, she transforms this dingy, old t-shirt into a fashionable and functional shoulder bag that is perfect as a handbag, for carrying groceries, or as a book bag for kids.

You can even use this bag to store things around the house. For example, you could hang it in the kitchen to store old plastic bags or keep it in a closet and use it to store cleaning supplies, old rags, or sheets.

If you plan to use this t-shirt bag while out on the go to carry some heavier items, it is recommended that you use a thicker t-shirt. You’ll also want to check your t-shirt for holes.

This is a great DIY project to do by yourself or with your kids. It’s also a great idea for girl scouts and boy scouts.

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