VIDEO: She Pours Out A Gallon Of Vinegar Into Her Toilet. When She Shows Why? I Ran To Try It Myself



I love when I find out that a product that I buy on a regular basis has multiple purposes and uses. For example, I never knew you could do this with coca cola.

One item that I have found so many uses for lately is vinegar. I never thought about using vinegar for this before, but it is truly genius! You have to try this!

When most people think of vinegar, they think of it as a product related to food. But, what they don’t know is that it actually has a multitude of uses.

In this video uploaded to YouTube, they show an amazing use for vinegar. I never knew you could use vinegar to remove hard water stains from the toilet bowl.

This one simple trick will change how you think about cleaning the bathroom forever. You’ll never have mineral stains left on your toilet again. Mineral stains from hard water can be incredibly stubborn and tricky to clean, but with this simple trick, you’ll never have a problem again.

For more everyday uses for vinegar, you have to see this video.