VIDEO: Virginia Democrat Calls Gun-Owners ‘Babies,’ and NRA Members the KKK


Dickinson-Congress (white)_0

Did you hear?


Members of the National Rifle Association are Ku Klux Klan members and any American who owns a firearm is an irresponsible “little kid.”


At least, that what Democrat candidate Mike Dickinson thinks.


Dickinson, a candidate running against Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), hails from Virginia and clearly isn’t in-tune with the constituents’ constitutional values.


In addition to Dickinson’s ignorant, hateful remarks about the NRA, he also suggested the Tea Party and the KKK were “one in the same.” He also condemned Fox News and said the FCC should monitor it (maybe Obama was listening).


The arrogant Democrat is strictly anti-gun and supports harsher regulations on many of Americans’ freedoms. Anyone who disagrees with him will find themselves subject to his ridiculous comments on Twitter.




“Gun owners are like little kids right now. They all the rights but none of the responsibility. With rights comes responsibility,” Dickinson tweeted.


This candidate should probably rethink his strategy, as he’s alienating over 35 percent of his state’s voters. Lesson No. 1 in politics—don’t insult the people who pay your salary.


Should this candidate have to apologize to the people of Virginia? Tell us what you think!