VIDEO: Watch This Guard Put Laughing Tourists in Their Place at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Everyone who visits Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., understands visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a sobering experience.

The tomb was built after World War I to hold the unidentified remains of soldiers, airman, marines and sailors who’ve died in war. Countless bodies of unidentified American heroes have been lain in the tomb since then.

Those who attend the formal changing of the guard ceremony witness a revered practice, one that should be met with the utmost respect. Depending on the season, the guard changes every half-hour or hour, ensuring an Army soldier is keeping watch over the tomb at all times, even when the cemetery is closed.

The changing of the guard is ceremoniously sacred to both the Army and ordinary Americans, alike. Observers are asked to remain quiet as the ceremony is silent except for when the relived soldier announces, “Post and orders remain as directed,” to the oncoming soldier, who responds, “Orders acknowledged.”

So what happens when disrespectful tourists don’t hold the ceremony in high regard?

While soldiers are ordered specifically to refrain from speaking during the ceremony, this soldier refuses to allow rude tourists to taint the sacred ceremony with their obnoxious laughter.

Watch this guard put the disrespectful tourists in their place. Would you have done the same thing?

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