VIDEO: With Just A Plier, A Hanger, And 60 Seconds, She Made THIS And I’m Speechless!



If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new ways to improve your organization around the house. One of the most cluttered spaces can be your closet.

Watch this incredible video for a simple DIY project that will transform your closet’s organizational system. You can even hang this item by your front door. This is so cool!

When I saw the finished product from this project, I thought that it must have been a long and complicated process to make something so outstanding. However, it is actually quite easy and you will only need a few pieces of materials and supplies. If you frequently do DIY projects, you might even already have the supplies around your house.

To make this amazing DIY shoe rack, you will just need four wire hangers, a can of spray paint, and a pair of pliers. If you are wondering about what type of wire hangers to use, your best choice is free wire hangers from the dry cleaners with detachable bottom bars. But, if you are using wire hangers with wire bars that will work just fine too. You will just need to use your pliers to detach the bottom bars.

With just a few snaps and bends, you can easily transform your old, dingy wire hangers into highly-functional shoe racks. These work great for storing shoes in your closet. They are also great to place near your front door to dry shoes that are wet from the rain or snow.

You can also get creative with the way these shoe racks look. Don’t be afraid to spray paint them bright colors, to try to stencil on an interesting pattern or design, or to even add some glitter. Get creative!

What DIY project have you completed that you are most proud of? Please share it with us in the comments below.