When She Told Me THIS Picture Is A Close Up Of A Body Part, I Said No Way. Can You Guess? Answer…



There are plenty of body parts that nobody wants to see on anybody’s body but their own. That goes double when a microscope is involved but these pictures are just way too interesting not to share.

You definitely never wanted to see these 12 body parts this up close and personal before!

1. Fingernail – despite looking smooth, fingernails have a ton of small grooves and spaces giving them a very unique texture. You’d never know without this picture.


2. Eyelashes – turns out it’s not just mascara left on your eyelashes. Tiny mites can make their home on the thin bristles and cause itching and irritation for weeks.


3. Teeth – from far away most people’s teeth look okay, but up close sometimes the story is much different. Magnify that to microscopic level and the results are truly terrifying.


4. Tongue – looking more like some sort of alien being than a part of the body, the tongue is covered in tiny taste buds that look like little spikes under a microscope.


5. Scabbing blood – this one is a stomach-turner as lacy scab tissue works its way around the red blood cells. Don’t spend too much time examining this or you may get a little nauseated.


6. Burnt Skin Cells – looking just as gross as it sounds, the skin seems flaky, papery. The lattice-like ridges really set this picture apart.


7. Small Intestine – A little more psychedelic than the others, the small intestine is a lot less disgusting under close scrutiny than you would expect.


8. Hair – whoever’s hair this is needs a serious talk about conditioner. Split ends for days!


9. Taste Bud – primarily used for tasting food, this picture will definitely not leave you hungry.


10. Brain Neurons – this one is a little tamer and a lot more interesting – who knew neurons looks like Spiderman’s web?


11. Red Blood Cells – these don’t actually look that odd, just like little red donuts or something. I still wouldn’t want to deal with someone’s blood on a microscope slide though.


12. Sweat – consisting or water and salt, it’s no surprise that sweat looks crystallized under a microscope. Props to the scientist who gathered up enough sweat to make a slide, much stronger stomach than mine.


Which of these pictures shocked you the most? Sound off in the comments!