Will You Be The First One To Find The Hidden Tiger In Under 4 Seconds?

Updated September 7, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good optical illusion?

These types of puzzles are addicting and they have a tendency to take over social media rapidly. The beauty of optical illusions is that there are such a variety of them out there, which allows us to spend hours picking them apart and disecting them.

Some, such as “The Magic Eye,” puzzles were huge in the nineties, and for good reason. These masterpieces held three-dimensional images that would pop out at you if you stared long enough. Sure, it might hurt your eyes to cross them in such a way, but the end result was a colorful, beauty of an image.

Then there are the hidden picture variety of puzzles that offer fun for all ages. If you were lucky enough to have a subscription to Highlights Magazine when you were a kid, then surely you know the glory in finding those entertaining images amongst some pretty amazing scenes. And not only are these hidden picture games a blast for everyone, they develop shape recognition and memorization in children.

One of the newest optical illusions to sweep the internet, is one involving a very large animal…a tiger. Known as “The Hidden Tiger Illusion,” the puzzle asks you to find the hidden tiger in the image. At first you may be a little confused, as there is one big tiger front and center in the picture. Don’t worry, this isn’t the main attraction. There is something else hidden that you are asked to find.

For some, it may not take long at all and for others, you may be searching the scene for days, continuously going back to the photo to refresh your view. Pay close attention to the coloring in the photo, as that may help you distinguish what is truly beyond what most see at first glance.

Commenters shared their challenges and general opinions about the puzzle…

“This one had me fooled…I was surprised by the answer.”

“Found it quickly and with no cheating.”

“I couldn’t see it until I looked at the answer.”

Most got a kick out of it and laughed at themselves when they found the real answer…

“No, not without scrolling and being shown. I was looking in the wrong place and for the wrong tiger, ha ha!”

“I still don’t see it, even after looking at the outlined picture.”

This may be one of those optical illusions that are easier to figure out if you don’t think too much about it. Just free your eyes up and look at the picture, without putting the pressure on yourself to actually find something hidden.

So, whether you are a child or an adult, The Hidden Tiger Optical Illusion is a fun puzzle to solve and it gets you to think that things aren’t always how they appear to be. These puzzles have a tendency to teach us a lot about life even though they are simple and sometimes quick. Sometimes it’s best to do something “outside the box,” and take a different approach.