Woman Fights Off Attempted Rapist with Frying Pan



An armed attacker, who attempted to rape a woman inside her Tewksbury, Mass., hotel room, ended up calling an ambulance for himself after his victim hit him in the face with a frying pan.


Frank Harrison, 46, entered a woman’s hotel room at 5:30 a.m. on Sept. 29, armed with a knife and ready to attack. But his victim fought back as he attempted to sexually assault her. The woman grabbed a frying pan inside the hotel room and wacked him across the face with it.


Harrison quickly fled the room and called 911 because of his injuries. Police arrived to find him covered in his own blood with several cuts on his head and face. The mug shot shows massive bumps on Harrison’s head.


Harrison was charged with kidnapping, armed assault with intent to rape, battery and indecent battery.


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Written by: Robert Winthrop

Robert grew up in a conservative household in a liberal state. While attending graduate school at one of the most liberal colleges in America, he gained a unique insight into the liberal agenda and all of its fallacies. Robert is now determined to expose liberalism for the cancer that it is.

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