Woman Spends Over $500,000 On 200 Surgeries To Transform Into A Real Life Cartoon Character

Updated November 21, 2017

We all have those celebrities that we idolize and wouldn’t mind looking like. But how far would you actually go to attain the exact same features as your favorite celeb?

North Carolina resident, Pixee Fox has made quite a name for herself. The 27-year-old is on a serious mission to look exactly like a cartoon. She is so serious about it that she has already spent £500,000 on the extensive operations that have included four breast augmentations, liposuction, a broken jaw, the removal of six ribs, a change in eye color, a brow and bottom lift and labiaplasty. Overall she has undergone 200 operations and Fox doesn’t seem to want to stop there and she admits that she is plastic surgery addict.

Her end goal is to launch a comic book series that stars herself…the crime-fighting protagonist.

Lately, Pixee has been all over the news defending her obsession with the surgeries and even claiming that she is a pioneer in the plastic surgery industry.

“I don’t do this for vanity,” she said to the hosts on the ITV’s This Morning on Monday show. “I am a pioneer, I am pushing the beauty industry forward. I knew from the beginning I wanted a lot of surgery done. It was a process for me to go to that extreme.”

Pixee considers herself a science project and feels proud of the fact that she was the first woman in the world to remove six of her ribs. The hosts on the show questioned her health and pointed out the fact that our ribs are there for a reason…to protect our organs. Pixee went on to stand up and flaunt her 16-inch waist which was wrapped in a tiny corset. The hosts questioned the health of her spine, fearing that it would collapse if she removed the corset.

She responded with the following…

 “My health is not an issue. I could take it off.”

Her surgeries have left her in questionable states. Her most recent one consisted of having her jaw broken and reset and she was left unable to eat or speak for a week, due to the intense recovery.

In order to have the color of her eyes changed to bright blue, she had to undergo a very dangerous and intense surgery that could only be done in India.

Her obsession goes beyond wanting to look like a comic book heroine, as she is hoping to make her waist even smaller to break a world record.

“For me, this is an extreme sport. It is not for everyone, not everyone would do it,” said Pixee, who was an electrician prior to becoming a model.

“I am going to have a procedure that I invented with a plastic surgeon in LA. It’s from the neck up. Just you wait until you see it, it will explode,” she said, intent on not stopping with the surgeries anytime soon.

The presenters of the show were clearly worried about her health and cautioned her to be careful.